Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In my continuing quest to offload my originals, I've recently posted a few for sale at the Illustration Exchange:

Definitely a site worth checking out if you have any interest in owning original sci-fi and fantasy artwork. Thanks again to Scott Altmann for recommending it.

* Just found out that new posts aren't viewable for 14 days unless you're a 'premium member' of the site so my stuff won't show up for about 12 more days...dern.


  1. To my GREAT sadness, thos pieces aren't showing up :-(

  2. Sorry about that, just found out that everyone except 'premium members' of the site have to wait 14 days to see new posts. So mine should show up in 12 days or so.

  3. woohoo! let's sell some paintin's! :)

  4. Man, I am sure your paintings will sell in a heartbeat.