Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memory Lane - Day 5

Next up in this look back at my student days is a piece called 'Wolf in Sheep's clothing', and yes, I actually painted it in black and white...can't remember why.

Next up was an album cover for a theoretical metal band called Fallen Angel, I painted this in a final portfolio class I took with Chuck Pyle and Kazu Sano.

And I this guy was a mock fantasy book cover about a dragon rider. Looking at it now, there's a whole lot of Manchess in that background.

Check back tomorrow for the sixth and final installment of my trip down Momory Lane...There's six days in a week, right?


  1. i wish i was able to make this kind of stuff for school. Really like the fallen angel and dragon rider.

  2. Enough already - I want to see something downright embarrassingly awful! From what I see you were always awesome and it scares me a bit ;)

  3. Damn, man... were you always this sick? Haha.. insane, this stuff is incredible. I love the dragon riders piece, for sure. Love the posts this week, I love seeing older work, your "old" work is still as powerful as your new stuff. So awesome, great stuff, thanks for sharing them, man.