Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Huntmaster of the Fells/Ravager of the Fells

  Huntmaster of the Fells, 12 x 16 in., oil on masoinite

In the new Magic: the Gathering set, called Dark Ascension, for the first time they have included double-sided cards, representing creatures that have the ability to transform into a different and usually much more terrifying version of themselves. In my case, I was asked to paint a trapper who's nursing a bite-wound from...something. What he becomes (after that sun's done setting) is this guy: 

Ravager of the Fells, 12 x 16 in., oil on masonite

Monday, January 2, 2012

New work for World of Warcraft

Happy new year everyone! For my first post of 2012 here are a couple more for the World of Warcraft card game.

-Deathstalker Commander Belmont (aka 80s punk zombie) 11 x 14 in., oil on masonite
-Mograine, 11 x 14 in., oil on masonite.