Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Lotus!...on eBay!

Black Lotus - 14 x 16 in., oil on masonite
 More on this later but, long story short, I was asked a few months back to create new art for the Black Lotus (one of Magic: the Gathering's most famous cards). I was totally honored to do it and really enjoyed working on it. While the card won't ever be printed, from what I understand it will be the new look of the card for the Magic: the Gathering online game. 
Anyway, because of the huge response to the art I wanted to give everyone a fair shot at owning the original. If you're interested, you can find it on eBay here.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

IlluXcon! + New Book Cover

Storm Riders 14 x 22 (-ish, it's at the framers right now), oil on masonite

Hey everyone! If you're within driving distance of Pennsylvania and and want to see some of the best fantasy/sci-fi/horror art in the world (for real) next weekend, I highly recommend you make the trek out to IlluXcon. Last year was my first time exhibiting there and I just about lost my mind between all the art and getting to meet a bunch of my art-gods. I'm really looking forward to doing it all over again and hopefully I'll see ya there!

Alright, moving on. The piece up top, which I'll be showing for the first time next weekend, is a book cover I did a while back for Tor Publishing. It was my first time working with them and I had a great time with it. The real challenge with this one was pulling off the value structure with so much going on, I spent a lot of time squinting at it trying to make sure the silhouette of the dragon stood out from the airship, etc.