Monday, November 23, 2009

Memory Lane - Day 4... and 3

Sorry for the delay, yesterday got away from me so this is a 2-day super-post! First up is the first piece that I liked enough to make it into my first 'professional' portfolio, called Big Bug.

I don't think it gets more 'classic student work' than this next piece, I had to illustrate a song so this is my somewhat literal painting of Tool's '46 and 2' .

This was a personal piece I did while in school...

...and this was another from Steven Player's sci-fi illustration class. It's a mock-cover for a book about zombie vikings called 'Warriors of Decay'. I really miss that class.


  1. I'm taking that class right now! Haha. And Stephen is made of win! The flying fish was for that class. actually. Seeing your works is sort of inspiring me to try using oils for my last assignment. Hopefully I don't fail.

  2. Thanks Em - that's really cool you're taking that class, it was one of my ultimate faves at the Academy. Good luck with the oils too!