Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some older work

Since I can't show anything I've been working on lately I thought I'd post a couple of pieces that I haven't ever shown. They were painted in the spring and summer of '08 for Magic. The knight was done for one of the Magic booster boxes in that set as well as becoming a card. A little tip if you ever need reference of guys on horseback bolting downhill - search for 'Omak Suicide Race', it's still the wild west in my home state of Washington.

Both 16 in. oil on masonite.


  1. OH my God! I better get back to work. Brilliant sir. Thanks for these.

  2. Holy!! wow man these are absolutely great! and what better than in oil. seriously amazing work in here. I'll keep coming by to look at your stuff.

  3. Inspiring work Chris - these are just amazing. Are you going to IlluXcon? Man - you should definitely do one of those. I have a feeling all your oil paintings would be snatched up in a few hours!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Scott - Yeah, I think I'll have to give illuXcon a try next year, if I don't get rid of some originals soon I'll have to start painting on the backs of them to save space :)

  5. I have some wall space Chris...I'd be willing to help you unload some of those paintings. Really - it's no problem. ;)

    You could also try putting up your pieces for sale on their site:
    I've sold a few pieces from there, as a bunch of other artists I know have.

  6. Scott - Thanks a ton for the heads-up on the munchkin press website, I think I might give it a try.

  7. Aghhghghghghyg. The horse. It makes me happy. And those mountains back there look like Minas Morgul (is that what its called?) in the LOTR movies. Which is kewl.

    Jeez, I've been away from the internet too long, multiple updates of goodness from ol' Chris Rahn.

  8. OH!! LUV your MTG art!!

    the botttom image of the knight on orseback is one of my fav's

    so happy to have found your works!