Thursday, February 3, 2011

New WoW piece

This is a piece I did for the World of Warcraft tcg a while back. In it we have a Worgen (WoW-speak for werewolf) priest gathering information from a ghost. It's kind of a strange scene for me but I had fun with it. Anyway, about a month after I turned it in I got a call from the the Art Director. Turns out they had given me reference for the wrong kind of ghost and it had to be changed...

...a lot. I was able to repaint it digitally which saved me a lot of time but this one still stands as the biggest alteration I've ever done. I'm a little sad the other ghost will never see print but hey, that's what blogs are for.

11 x 14 in., oil/digital


  1. The alteration is seamless. It looks like you did it in oils. Great job!

  2. Yeah, what Matt said. I couldn't tell that it was a digital revision at all. Really nice stuff.

    That is a hefty revision though. I've had to do one or two of those before for WoW ;)

  3. Funny, it's major-revision week. Steve B just posted yesterday about a huge alteration he did. But he went to giclee print and then oils over that.

    Avoiding the smoothy-smooth digital look must have taken some concentration - this looks totally natural. Nice work.

  4. I hate you for being able to do this Chris. I hate you even more for it being as good as it is.

  5. Thanks guys! Sometimes it's painful to admit how much photoshop has saved my bacon.

    Steve - Thanks man. Your kick-ass Badass revision puts mine to shame and really inspired this post. By the way I'm with you, I'm really glad you didn't paint over Skeletor.

  6. Impressive alteration job Chris. I do like the first ghost but the girl ghost also have a nice feel. The difference really creates two very different moods.

    Well done sir.

  7. God damn. I'm with Tyler, I think they're both super successful and it's cool seeing the different moods side by side. Beautiful piece, man.