Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy WoW!

New piece for the World of Warcraft card game. 'Blood Chill', 11 x 14, oil on masonite.


  1. God damn. That ice effect is really nice, man. This piece is great. The glow of the undead dude's eyes is an awesome touch.

  2. Nice cold feeling about the image as a whole.
    Really like how the ice feels like its spreading.

  3. Can you make a copy of your abilities, burn it onto a disk, and give it to me?

  4. uhhh.can I borrow that disk Steve...I'll give it back...swear

    freakn' great Chris. Can't wait to see your originals at the next IlluXcon!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Steve and Scott - Ha! If you only knew what a pain in the ass my process was you would throw that disk away :)