Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goldnight Commander

Goldnight Commander, 12 x 16 in., oil on masonite

This guy's the last of my work for the new Magic: the Gathering set; Avacyn Restored. Originally commissioned under the name Avacyn's Warchanter, it was assigned as a companion piece to Demonic Taskmaster (a couple of posts back) so I was asked to work them out in similar mirrored compositions
It was hard not to think of the crusades when working this guy out but I guess religious violence is excusable when you're fighting actual demons.


  1. Wonderful lighting and color! Two of the things i like most about your art!

  2. Agreed, amazing work as usual Chris.

  3. I love the epicness you get into your pieces.. wow.

  4. awesome piece. he reminds me of Captain Bill Bones from the NC Wyeth paintings for Treasure Island.

  5. You have everything in there from the academy that is for sure, but then again you were already well on top of your game when you went through it.

    Perfect use of silhouetting, nice x composition, the weight, and of corse your rendering all good, all too good.

  6. Love all your works. Could you please make some more work-in-progress shots ? I know you made one series for the wild pack picture a long while ago, but I want to see more.

    Thumbnails, color sketches, Building up the piece...