Monday, April 16, 2012

  Craterhoof Behemoth - 11 x 14 in., oil on masonite

Here's another piece from the new Magic: the Gathering set. Back when I got the assignment, he was called Province Trampler. It came with a pretty clear concept sketch of what he needed to look like (basically a cross between a frog and a rhinoceros). The design was great but it was pretty wild and stylized so the challenge with this one was pulling off the design they wanted and still trying to make it my own, or at least look like I painted it. I tried my best to do this by focusing on color and mood. Overall I got a kick out of this guy, there's something funny about a creature so big it's likely to kill you by accident.


  1. Totally AWESOME! Funny thing though... the next painting in my queue is a big giant monster smashing through a forest :P Glad I am already done and approved on the design and drawing! Mine has almost the same angle and everything... great minds think alike! :D

  2. Love the design of the creature. I wouldn't have frog and rhino if you didn't mention it. It looks like it's its own thing.
    As usual too, the atmospheric perspective with all those big creature you paint is spot on.

  3. Sir,

    Might I ask your permission to include you on my blog as a highlighted artist under my 'Art Spot', which will coincide with the bloggers A-Z challenge?

    Basically I highlight artists I like and follow to expose their work to my fellow bloggers who have yet to discover the great works yourself, and that of your peers, produce.

    You can nip over to my blog and have a look as to what I'm up to and to see if you agree at the following site:

    All the best


  4. Thanks everyone!

    Chris - That's weird, when you're done I definitely wanna see it.

    MK - You bet, that's fine with me.

    1. Chris, your Art Spot is now up on my blog :)

  5. This is awesome, I really love the concept and how you executed it, man. Great color too, this palette choice is fantastic.

  6. Weirdly I was just thinking the other day I haven't seen a giant frog monster. Well now I have. I love that creature and the way you pulled it off. Awesome perspective and atmosphere.

  7. Great work!
    I'm just curious how long usually it takes you to make this kind of painting? Thanks :)