Friday, November 11, 2011

Crosis, the Purger

Before discussing our cuddly friend here, I wanted to mention that I just got back from my first IlluXcon convention in Altoona, PA. It was totally incredible to get a chance to meet so many of my art-heroes like Donato Giancola, Dan Dos Santos, Eric Fortune and Mark Zug just to name a few. I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in imaginative art, it's totally worth the trek. For a play-by-play of the show, check out Chris Burdett's blog:

Alright, this piece was done as updated art for an older Magic card called Crosis, the Purger, here's the previous incarnation:

The Art Director wanted me to keep the key elements of the original design while hopefully making it more intense and realistic. I wound up looking at a lot of reference of beetles and scorpions for wing and carapace ideas.

Crosis, the Purger - 14 x 18 in. oil on masonite


  1. The lightning is looking fantastic, awesome work Chris.

  2. reminds me of Aleksi Briclot's carnifex demon from scars. Very nice work Chris, what set is Crosis for? Beast of a card and very beautiful revamped art, awesome.

  3. I love your take on the original art. You took something really ugly and made it beautiful!

    Unfortunately, it didn't make the transition to the card so well; I can barely make out Crosis' facial features. Wizards dropped the ball on that, because this was the one card I was really excited to see in card form. What a shame.

  4. Kazu would be proud of you, Chris.

  5. This looks gr8! A huge upgrade to the original card :) I have a question though-one not particularly connected to this image but to your art in general. You tend to use both cools and warm tones in your shadows and that gives your atr that pale, at the same time alive and kinda trembling sense to it. I honestly dont understand how you do it thou, neither do I get the logic. Can you share a word or two with me about that or jsut post a threat some day in the blog. None of our art teachers is rly explaining anything so I have to search the net and be tedious as i am now... for witch i appologise in advanse :) Tnx