Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Back from Gencon and finally caught up on sleep. It was an amazing four days, tons of amazing art and artists. Also, unbelievably, I won Best In Show (!!!).
I still can't believe everyone I got to see and meet; Matt Stewart, Kekai Kotaki, Lars Grant-West, Steve Belledin, Dan Scott, Franz Vohwinkle, Chris Seaman, Mark Tedin, Tom Baxa, and Steve Prescott just to name a few. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Steve Belledin.
Dan Scott.
Chris Seaman.
Kekai Kotaki, Lars Grant-West and Steve Prescott (sorry Steve :)).


  1. Congratulations, and I'm glad you had such a great time!

  2. It was really great to meet you at Gen Con. The two prints I bought from you are framed and hanging over my desk for everyone to see.

  3. It was great meeting you too man! That prize was well deserved, you kick some serious butt. Until next time.

  4. Looked like you all had a ton of fun! I had to skip out this year, oh well maybe next year! Congrats on the award!

  5. Wow congratulations on the win! Well deserved, man. Your work is killer. Wish I could've been there with all you guys ;(

    next year!!

  6. Congratulations, now you're the ruler of the dark realms!

  7. It was awesome to see you at GenCon. Seeing your work in person is immensely cooler than on a small card. I wish I had the money because that 1000 dollar Enigma Sphinx piece was taunting me to buy it the whole convention :)

    Grats' on the award, too! You deserve it!

    Also, I just saw the art from your new Sphinx from Scars of Mirrodin...holy crap!

  8. Thanks guys! Yeah, it was a blast.

    Mort - where did you see the new sphinx by the way? Was it in a spoiler?

  9. It was just the art, but Starcitygames has photos of it on their Facebook page.

    So cool.