Friday, November 20, 2009

Memory Lane - Day 1

Since I don't have any new work I can show at the moment and since it's about time I post some art, I thought I'd take you for a little trip down memory lane. This week I'll be posting work from my time in art school, two or three pieces a day.

I thought I'd start with my first really big, multi-figure piece that I ominously titled 'The Beast of the Moors'.

This second piece was an assignment where we had to illustrate a quote that my instructor Steven Player came up with, something about a crack to hell opening up below a cathedral.

Check back all week for more mildly embarrassing posts...


  1. Good God Chris. Friggin amazing and this is old work! Wow. Oh the good old days of Stephen Player classes. Brilliant.

    Thanks for the compliments on the new D&D stuff I posted. I have another one to post that is my fav of the but I have to wait til it goes live. Should be soon.

    I cant wait to see more of these posts man.

  2. Ha ha, awesome! I wish my school work looked remotely close to this quality! Can't wait for more!

  3. Is that second piece digital or traditional?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Tyler - Yeah, Steven Player's incredible. I was really lucky to get to learn from him. A couple of my pieces from his classes are actually still in my portfolio :). I'm dying to see that last D&D piece you mentioned, I'm sure it's killer. Are those all oils? They look like it.

    Capprotti - Nah, it's oil on canvas (which I don't do much anymore) I might post a couple of digital pieces along the way though.

  5. Yeah -this is kind of the least embarrassing "school work" post I've seen from an artist. These are badass considering you were still in school .. thanks for sharing thiese!

  6. I remember the teeth on that first piece kinda scared me when I saw it for the first time in your apartment.

    The second one--I was on a Charles de Lint kick a while back & (I wish I could remember which book!) there was a really intense scene with a green man & a chapel in the forest. Your painting reminds me of that.