Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Website (finally)!

After much procrastination I've finally got my new website together! This one's way more up to date and will be updated regularly, not to mention the fact that it'll run on mobile devices. Anyway, you can check it out here.


  1. Your website looks strategically designed because the only artistic graphics that I see are your works; which is good as the attention of the viewer will be focused on them. However, you should try to experiment more to make your website look more exciting.


  2. Thanks Lynda, I appreciate the input. I've been thinking about designing a custom banner for it.

    If anyone else has any input I'd love to hear it.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Your artwork is so wonderful!! Even before looking at the artist name at the bottom of the magic cards you had done the artwork for, I kept putting ones aside that I loved and I just realised how many of them were ones you created :D.

  4. Looks great Chris! I've always enjoyed a much more simplistic look myself. It's about the art, not the website. I see you used Squarespace. How does that work out for you? Was it easy to make/update? I've been thinking about making a new site on there myself. Just tired of all the problems I run into with Dreamweaver and lack of ease for updating...which is why I never do it.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Scott - Yeah, I'm really happy with Squarespace, I did a little research first and for art sites it sounds like it's either Wix or Squarespace. It wound up being about $180 a year for my site and they're software is pretty easy to pick up. The whole thing only took me about 2.5 days including figuring out the how the interface works. For me the biggest motivator for the change was that my old Flash sight didn't work on mobile devices and this one converts automatically.

  6. Thank Chris, glad to hear it. I'll have to look into it.

  7. A new website on the New Year! This must’ve been an exciting start for you. I’ve visited it, and it looks amazing. It definitely showcases your talent and the beauty of each of your masterpieces. Just to add some insight, instead of your plain grey background, maybe you can paint or draw a sky or something that fits the theme of your works.

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing


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