Monday, September 24, 2012

Guest Post on Muddy Colors!

Last week I was asked by Dan Dos Santos to contribute to a dragon themed series of guest posts over at the Muddy Colors blog. If you're not familiar with Muddy Colors, it's got to be the best blog out there on the subject of fantastic art with a list of regular contributors that will make your head spin. Anyway, it was an honor to be asked and you can check out my post here.


  1. DUDE! That Hobbit piece is blowing my mind. So damn beautiful, man. I think that's a new favorite. Hands down. Please tell me you're bringing this to Illuxcon ;)

  2. Thanks man! I'm not sure if that one's coming along or not, it's pretty big and weirdly proportioned so it would be a pain to ship...we'll have to see.