Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from GenCon

GenCon was unbelievable, I barely had a moment to spare but it was so much fun. My favorite part was definitely getting the chance to meet and spend time with so many insanely talented artists including Wayne Reynolds, Steve Belledin, Omar Rayyan, Dan Scott, Steve Prescott, Richard Whitters and Chippy, all of whom I've been following for years. I've got to thank Chippy in particular for introducing me to so many artist and art directors and showing me the ropes at my first convention.

Chippy and me at our table.


  1. Likewise, great to meet you, man - even if our discourse lasted all of 50 seconds. While I should blame you for leaving a day too early, I embarrassingly admit I didn't catch wind that you were even going to be there!

    Anyways, there'll hopefully be more meetings down the road. Keep up the way-cool work!

  2. Cool, glad I'm not the only one hitting up the conventions! Where was it?